Your trusted advisor for accounting, tax, and immigration in Thailand

We’re your experienced one-stop shop for accounting, tax, auditing and legal services

  • Understanding regulation
  • Keeping up with compliance
  • Translating documentation
  • Knowing which providers trust

Thailand is a beautiful place to live and rewarding place to work and do business, but it’s highly complex navigating the intricacies of our tax and legal systems.

At Phuket International Accounting, we take our 30 years of experience across accounting and legal services, and combine it with a proactive, transparent approach where we care about your support and success.

Trusted by local, expat and international professionals for generations. Here's why:


Expert Guidance

Our director has practiced since 1996. We are supported by 15 qualified, highly skilled accountants and an expert solicitor.


One-Stop Shop for Financial, Tax and Legal

We handle all interrelated financial, tax and legal services, including liaising between you and government agencies.


Caring Partners

We are highly proactive in reaching out and following up, with 90% of accountant/client communication initiated by us.


Honest and Integrous

Our brand is founded on honesty, transparency and accountability – especially
important when handling sensitive paperwork and compliance processes.


Bridging Language Barriers

We have top-notch English communication and translation for French, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese, ensuring you clearly understand your requirements. We’re also meticulous in translating documentation from your language to Thai and back again.


Building Communities

We care deeply about building a skilled and integrous accounting industry, working closely with universities to provide training programs and internships (including free accommodation) for up-and-coming talent.

Simplify your business setup, growth and asset management